Renewable Energy

Renewable energy in the form of solar, wind, and hydro power is already a mainstay in both the domestic and global markets. However these markets are expected to growth further given the importance of sustainability as well as the cost of energy coming down. Power electronics play a key role in both the generation, transmission, and storage of this renewable energy. Sagar Semiconductors has key capabilities across these areas.

Why Sagar Semiconductors?

Sagar Semiconductors has a wide range of solutions for the renewable energy ecosystem. These include MOSFETs and IGBTs for applications such as solar inverters and solar controllers.

Solar inverter
Sagar semi MOSFETs are designed to achieve highest system efficiency and power density in solar inverter applications with their minimal switching losses. Our MOSFETs are available in the voltage range of 600-650V with higher current ratings and fast recovery body diodes.
Solar controller

We have a number of MOSFETs that support solar charge controllers that can be used to support applications such as solar powered lights.

Comprehensive blend of technology, strategy and services


At Sagar Semiconductors we have the capability to design customized parts for our customers. With an IC design team in Taiwan and an application team in India, we can work with our customers to create custom parts for their growing needs. This can include innovation in new packages, new materials, or a combination. In an ever changing market, we are dedicated to continuously improve and innovate.


Fabrik blends steel technology leadership with outstanding problem-solving capabilities to support customers and suppliers in shaping the future of automotive transportation.

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