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Consumer electronics are ever changing yet more accessible than ever. With India becoming the second largest manufacturer of smart phones, consumer electronics are poised for growth both in use and manufacturing within India. TVs, monitors, laptops, and chargers all require power electronics to enable the functionality and performance. Sagar Semiconductors works with leading designers and manufacturers across a number of these applications.

Why Sagar Semiconductors?

Sagar Semiconductors has a wide range of solutions for consumer electronics applications. This includes MOSFETs for monitors, laptops, chargers, and TVs. With a wide range of voltage and current ratings as well as packages, Sagar Semiconductors parts can fit a wide range of our customer requirements.


LED Monitors are typically include low voltage MOSFETs.


We have super junction MOSFET solutions for LCD TVs.


We have a number of low voltage MOSFETs for Motherboard/notebook PC.

Comprehensive blend of technology, strategy and services


At Sagar Semiconductors we have the capability to design customized parts for our customers. With an IC design team in Taiwan and an application team in India, we can work with our customers to create custom parts for their growing needs. This can include innovation in new packages, new materials, or a combination. In an ever changing market, we are dedicated to continuously improve and innovate.


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